My Dream


Twin Falls Stables was born from a dream I had for many years. All my life I have either been around or owned horses and wanted to enjoy something I love. It took many years of planning and looking for just the right piece of property before I could begin to make my dream come true. Knowing how difficult it is to find a place to board a horse in this area, I knew there was a market for a nice facility here. I wanted to build a facility that is both eye appealing and safe, a place where I myself would feel comfortable keeping my horses. Twin Falls Stables is a place that I am proud of.

Our Philosophy


We believe that a strong and open partnership with you and your health-care professional is essential to providing the best quality care for your horse. You will feel confident in your horse’s care with the frequent updates and clear communications you receive from us. We maintain our pastures and facilities with the minimal use of chemicals. We use fly parasites and traps, and scrupulously maintain our stalls and drylots for the maximum comfort of our animals and their owners. We always welcome suggestions that could enhance the care or services we provide… Naturally. we strive to make sure that you are always satisfied and appreciated. Your horses will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our Facility

Here are some photos showing you our facility.  I am very sure you will be excited to see where your horse will be staying in comfort.