Premium Boarding Services & Rates


TWIN FALLS STABLE QUARANTINE SERVICES - This temporary isolation facility is located in Alexandria, New Jersey in Hunterdon County, exactly five miles off of Interstate 78.  It is a clean, safe and sanitary environment.  Our care includes feed, hay, bedding, sanitized stalls, pasture turnout and blanket schedule if required.  Any medications or supplements provided by the owner will be given at no extra charge.   

               Private Stalls with Run in sheds  &   Private Pens available

                                 Overnight Boarding                $25.00

                                 Short Term - 14 day Stay      $280.00

                                          Long Term - 30 Day Stay     $450.00      

To board at Twin Falls Stables, we require a current health history including vaccinations, worming & any current health concerns.  We ask for a a copy of your horse’s negative Coggins status. We welcome horses with special diets and needs, and are happy to provide customized care according to your instructions. Staff and owners have an excellent track record of catching problems, and are trained to notice health changes or concerns – We have emergency trailering & an on-call veterinarian to quickly respond to any issues, and an Emergency Plan customized to each owner (at the time of boarding) will be followed.

Please check back frequently for current rates. Our labor does not increase that often, but hay, bedding and materials prices increase regularly. We refuse to compromise on the quality of care we provide and the feeds we offer, therefore we are subject to the fluctuations of the pricing that we receive so that we may continue to provide the level of care that you expect and deserve.                                                     

Veterinary Visits


We will bring in your horse and assist throughout the appointment.  We will give you an update from information received and help facilitate your communications with the vet or practitioner. We keep health records for each horse that boards with us so that we can supply accurate health information if needed.

Does your horse require a service not listed? No problem! Quotes can be given for services not listed. We are happy to work with you to design a plan of care that fits your specific needs.

Transportation / Trailering


Twin Falls Stables will be happy to assist you in finding transporter for your horse if you need someone quickly.  We have someone who is more than willing and able to help you get your horse to wherever safely and on time.  Please let us know in advance that you need this service, so we can be ready to help you.