To board at Twin Falls Stables, we require a current health history including vaccinations, worming & any current health concerns.  We ask for a a copy of your horse’s negative Coggins status. We welcome horses with special diets and needs, and are happy to provide customized care according to your instructions. Staff and owners have an excellent track record of catching problems, and are trained to notice health changes or concerns – We have emergency trailering & an on-call veterinarian to quickly respond to any issues, and an Emergency Plan customized to each owner (at the time of boarding) will be followed.

Frequently Asked Horse Boarding Questions

  • What type of fencing is used around the pasture? We use only smooth, twisted-wire or wooden rail fencing on the borders of our pasture. There is absolutely no barbed wire at Twin Falls Stables.

  • What sort of bedding is used in stalls? Only premium quality, kiln-dried pine shavings & rubber matting are used. We replace bedding, wash mats, clean & inspect each of the horse stalls on a daily basis.

  • Are grooming or wash-down facilities available? Owners are welcome to bring their grooming supplies & store them on-site in our secure tack room, and the facility has warm & cold water available for wash downs.

  • How often are horses turned out? We turn our horses daily in the summer, and completely during the winter, in regulated group sizes to ensure they are comfortable and have plenty of space to spread out if they like.

  • Are salt and/or mineral blocks (or “licks”) available? Yes, to ensure the maintained health of all horses, a number of both salt/mineral blocks are easily accessible.

  • Are the property & buildings inspected for safety & potential hazards? Absolutely – Owners & staff are constantly on the lookout for the well-being of horses, and any potential hazards are addressed & resolved immediately. Our buildings & surrounding areas have been designed & approved for safety & quick escape in case of fire.

  • Do barn tack up areas feature cross-ties or hitching posts? We have both, plus pull through tie rings.  Owners are welcome to secure their horse using whichever method is best and most comfortable for their horse.

  • What veterinary work is required for boarding? For the safety of your horse, and all other horses boarding at the Twin Falls Stables, we ask for a current health history, and that your horse has a current negative Coggins.

    Whether visiting us just for boarding, we isolate newcomers for 2-4 weeks before introducing them to herd. This helps ensure any communicable health issues are kept to an absolute minimum. We have the facilities to run fecal floats to determine parasite loads and treat if needed before newcomers are turned out with other horses.

  • Are there any special safety rules?  We follow a highly-effective sanitizing procedure both coming & going to ensure the safety & health of the horse and other animals on the premises.

  • What water sources are available in the pasture? Our pastures have natural, steadily flowing springs & creeks throughout them, which supply a consistently fresh source of water to the turned out horses. Drylots have clean water provided in troughs.  We supply heated troughs throughout the winter to encourage adequate water intake even where live water is present.

  • What happens in an emergency? We customize an Emergency Plan for your horse upon boarding at our ranch, but will always try to contact you first. In the event that you are unreachable, the Emergency Plan will ensure we follow your directives to protect your horse’s health. We furthermore have an on-call veterinarian available, and will gladly trailer your horse to/from the veterinarian if needed.