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Twin Falls Stables now welcomes all breeds & sizes at our equine boarding facility – Our caring & professional staff are both familiar with & proficient in the care of horses, with each personally trained in giving the best possible treatment to each horse during its stay. On-site owners and staff both perform daily inspections on all aspects of the facility.

Horses are turned out daily in regulated group sizes to our wide-open pasture, featuring natural grasses, live water sources, natural shelter & loafing sheds and salt/mineral blocks. To ensure safety, the borders of our pasture are fenced wooden rails attached to wooden posts.

At the end of each day, horses return to a comfy, clean stall with fresh premium-quality, kiln-dried pine shavings and/or rubber matted flooring. The boarding facility is conveniently equipped with owners’ choice of cross ties or hitching posts in stalls & a secure tack room for storing  tack & supplies, with water available for wash-downs.